NINA YUUN stands for inspiration, sustainability, and aesthetic elegance. The Korean-Swiss womenswear label, with its appealing combination of clean, refined cuts and colours, creates versatile staple pieces for "living lotus" under the zero-waste principle.

Our collections are edition-based, meaning that each of our "best creations" is always available through the seasons. 


We offer exclusive textile curation for each retail partner, ensuring that every local sales point has its own one-and-only NINA YUUN pieces.

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Edition #05 POSTHUMAN

NINA YUUN’s fifth edition, “Posthuman” is the most versatile closet staple piece for those with a kind, brave heart.


No need to mention the recent worldwide crisis; we have experienced extreme danger towards our existence.

It leads to an inevitable evolution: either physical or emotional.

We are keener to feel subtle emotions.

We accept the vulnerability is what makes us human and beautiful.


We are all becoming a "Posthuman".


Vivian Stucki



Rahel (Scout)

AJ Kim


Lea Kueng